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Welcome to my experience design portfolio

My name is Ruth and I love to manage creative teams.

I lead by example, adapting my management style to what each designer needs to grow. I teach a user centred design process to bridge product thinking and interaction design through user research. And I'm a big fan of coaching a growth mindset. 

I am consciously moving away from an independent contributor role, to focus on design leadership and performance development. This portfolio is an archive of the most interesting projects I can share.

Take a peek at projects I've worked on in the past...


Since I was child, I have always been interested in the infra-ordinary.

Georges Perec coined the phrase to describe what we generally don’t notice, what doesn’t call attention to itself, but is fundamental to our lives. In my work, I seek to be constantly curious and question the trivial to deliver experiences that unite user needs with business value in efficient ways.

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