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Online banking redesign

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has given me the incredible opportunity to work on a project from sprint 1 to launch. My team was tasked with redesigning the .com with a brand new responsive look and feel in time for the release of the next model, Dawn.


My goal was to drive engagement with the audience and generate leads by capturing prospective customer details.


I approached the challenge by immersing myself in the content available online and offline. From dealer manuals to brand books, I read it all. Eventually, I found all the nuggets we needed to build a story and capture the imagination of car fanatics and high net worth individuals alike. We needed to recreate the atmosphere of walking down the production line at Goodwood through the content on the website.

Coutts asked us to evolve the look and feel of their online e-banking solution to deliver a modern, responsive experience.


Having joined the project in the later stage of the design process, my responsibility was to flesh out existing concepts. I had to ensure our final recommendations were flexible, bearing in mind the 11 figure balances of many customers for example.

To deliver the project, my project manager, visual designer and I had to collaborate with the banking software provider. I found working with a remote third party required a rigorous approach to capturing and communicating our ideas with them. To approach this, we routinely held InVision demonstrations to illustrate our work in progress and iterate based on feedback.

A driving concern was to ensure a smooth transition for customers who had used the existing e-banking service for many years. I had to balance maintaining consistency between the designs at the same time as making worthwhile improvements.


An example of this was the number of fields required for a user to provide a payee reference on a CHAPS or international payment. Historically, four separate fields were displayed by default. In order to make my case to streamline this section to one field, including an option for users to add more, I relied on analytics. The usage data showed that 88% of payments used the first field, dropping to only 3% of payments using the fourth field.


In this project I put into practice how asking the right questions to uncover key data driven insights is vital to justify changes.

The new responsive e-banking solution was launched at the beginning of April 2017.

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